Setting up Zoom App for the First time

1.    Double click icon to open

2.    Select option to Sign In with SSO

3.    Type in “oakwood” for our company domain

4.    A browser will launch and ask you to sign in. Use your FULL email address and click NEXT.

5.    Next you will be redirected to our Oakwood SSO Page. Please sign in using your username and password.

6.    Next it will ask you if you want to stay signed in. This is your preference. I generally do yes.

7.    You should then get a redirect back to Zoom asking to launch from the App installed on laptop.

8.    This will then launch the app and you should be signed in with the Oakwood Licensed Account.

9.    Now when you close out, you just need to double click on desktop icon and it will automatically open the app with your account associated.

**You can only be logged into your Oakwood Zoom account via an app on one device at a time. Just an FYI if you get signed out of your computer if you are signed into your phone.**