1. To connect to the Oakwood wireless network on an Android device, go to Settings, Wi-Fi, and select the OakwoodWifi SSID.

2. Go to the Wi-Fi settings where you'll be able to edit the EAP Method, Phase 2 authentication, and CA certificate. DISCLAIMER: Settings may look different depending on your device.

3a. Select "PEAP" for the EAP method.

3b. Change the Phase 2 authentication to "MSCHAPV2".

3c. Select "Do not validate" for the CA certificate.

4. Enter your Oakwood credentials leaving the Anonymous identity blank (employees will use FirstInitialLastname). 

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are now connected to the Oakwood network. You can use this same log in information to log into Single-Sign-On to access your Oakwood email, MyOakwood, and D2L. Enjoy.