OneDrive does not come installed on Windows 7.  To install OneDrive on Windows 7 please visit the OneDrive Windows 7 Installation Guide

    1. Click on the Start button (located in the bottom left corner of your screen). Click on Computer

(A window will appear.)


    2. Click on Local Disk (C:)

    5. Click on Users

    6. Locate and double click on your Name.

    6. While holding down Ctrl: Click on Desktop, Downloads, and My Documents.
       (You now have the desktop, downloads and , my documents folder selected and highlighted)

    7. Right click on Desktop and press Copy.

    8. Now navigate to your OneDrive - Oakwood University folder. (Located in the left display pane underneath Downloads

    9. Right click an empty area and press Paste. (Your files will now be copied to your OneDrive folder and begin to upload)

(The OneDrive symbol will change, notifying you of a upload in progress.)