Hello all,

Information Technology/Client Services would like to provide a little direction for our fellow staff

and faculty on campus. So, we have to decided to give some general direction. We recognize 

that all departments and budget processes will not be the same in some cases. This article is meant

to give general direction. If you are in need of further detail about the process, please call us at the 

Help Desk (256) 726-7464 or submit a ticket for assistance. Okay, so lets get started.

Step One: The first step in the process is to assess the current technology you have in your classroom

or department. Ask yourself, Is the hardware malfunctioning regularly? Is the equipment archaic and out

of warranty? Have we had this same CPU for 20 years?! The Client Services staff will be happy to 

assist in confirming the need for replacement of hardware. 

Step Two: Determine what budget or funds will be utilized to purchase new hardware technology. In some

cases different budgets are used because you may be a staff member or on the academic side. Title III, Capital Budget

and Departmental funds are the most utilized. Do some research with your department head to understand what funds

you are eligible to use. 

Step Three: Request a quote for new equipment or hardware through the Oakwood University Help Desk.

Fill out a ticket request with all necessary contact information and label it a Quote Request. In the message 

portion of the ticket, let us know what type of equipment you are in need of. *Note* Apple products or specialty

hardware needs approval from the VP of Information Technology.

Step Four: The Requisitions Process

Be sure you understand the purchase process through the Accounting department. Requisitions

for purchase are generated using a software program called Jenzebar. If you are unaware of this software program or have not been

trained how to use it, seek out a department or staff admin that is familiar and has been trained how to use it. Once you have

been approved and given a final PO, scan it and email it to Client Services rep to commence the ordering process.

Step Five: Configuration and Set-up will be the last part of the procurement process. When equipment arrives on campus

from shipping, Information Technology takes delivery and begins the configuration of the hardware. This is placing necessary

software on the device to protect it and optimize use for the user(s). Once the configuration process is complete, Client Services

will then make contact and work with you to arrange set up or installation times in your respective departments. Any billing invoices

post shipping can be located in the Accounting department. 

The Oakwood University Information Technology team, hopes this article helps you successfully navigate the technology procurement process!!!!