There are a couple of reasons for this. You might have saved ou-wifi in your settings to automatically connect to this access point. This will need to be removed. There may be software preventing you from connecting. An example of this is: the Intel pro-set wireless manager utility.

1. On some laptops, an Intel pro-set wireless manager utility will be installed to manage your wireless networks. If your computer has this utility, and you are trying to connect to the Oakwood/ou-wifi network, you will need to disable this. To do this, follow the instructions provided.

Turning off the Intel PRO-Set Wireless Utility Manager

2. Another reason why you may have connection problems is that you are trying to connect to the wireless network "Oakwood" without going through "OUWiFi-Setup" FIRST. Look at the image below. If your login credentials work they will only be temporary. Once the computer restarts you will have to type in your information again.

3. Please use "OUWiFi-Setup" to get you connected to the "Oakwood" network. Do NOT select "Connect  automatically" When connecting to "OUWiFi-Setup".

4. If you are connecting to "OUWiFi-Setup" to use the guest login. You will have internet access fo24hrs. Once the time period is up go through the guest login again and select "Returning Guest" for an additional 24hrs.

6. Another reason why you may not be able to stay on the wireless network could be your location in a building.