OneDrive is free online storage that comes with your Oakwood University email. Save your files there and you'll be able to get to them from any PC, tablet, or phone.

How to backup with OneDrive Online?

  1. Sign in to your Oakwood email following this link:

       (The screen now displays the Microsoft Office 365 dashboard.)

    2. Next: Click on OneDrive

    3. Once in your OneDrive  on Upload.

        (Your screen should now display your accounts OneDrive page.) 


    4. Next: Click on Folder. (You have the option of creating a new folder to hold your new items.)*

       This allows you to select specific folders you would like to upload to your OneDrive account.

    5. A box will appear requesting that you select a folder to upload. Locate your name in the directory and expand by clicking the            arrow to the left of your name.


(You are going to select the folder that contains your content (work related files). In most cases files are stored in your Desktop folder, Documents folder, and Downloads folder.)

    6. Select Desktop and Click OK
        (OneDrive will begin uploading your content in the Desktop folder)
    7. Repeat the same process for your Downloads, and Documents Folder. 
       (The Desktop, Downloads, and Documents folder are the main locations that users store their files.  If you have files saved in another location, simply follow the same procedure to upload those folders.)
    8. A progress bar will appear notifying you of remaining files to be uploaded.

How to backup with OneDrive on Windows 7?

OneDrive does not come installed on Windows 7.  To install OneDrive on Windows 7 please visit the OneDrive Windows 7 Installation Guide

    1. Click on the Start button (located in the bottom left corner of your screen). Click on Computer

(A window will appear.)


    2. Click on Local Disk (C:)

    5. Click on Users

    6. Locate and double click on your Name.

    6. While holding down Ctrl: Click on Desktop, Downloads, and My Documents.
       (You now have the desktop, downloads and , my documents folder selected and highlighted)

    7. Right click on Desktop and press Copy.

    8. Now navigate to your OneDrive - Oakwood University folder. (Located in the left display pane underneath Downloads

    9. Right click an empty area and press Paste. (Your files will now be copied to your OneDrive folder and begin to upload)

(The OneDrive symbol will change, notifying you of a upload in progress.)