1.   To connect to the Oakwood wireless on an ios device, go to Settings, wi-fi, and select the OUWiFi-Setup SSID.

2.   Once connected to OUWiFi-Setup, a new browser window should open. If it does not open automatically, open Safari and browse to a web page you havent been to in a while to avoid opening a previously chached page. It should then redirect you to the portal shown below.
Click on the Student|Employees button.

3.   Next you will enter your domain username and password. This will be the same as your email username.
Click Join Now

4.   Next click Allow to go to the next step.

5.   Install the certificate.

6.   You will then be prompted to enter your personal pin as you would be installing an app.

7.   Click install

8.   And click Install one more time.

9.   Click Done

10.   You may then be redirected to Oakwood’s default web page. You can verify your network connection by clicking Settings. You should now be connected to the Oakwood SSID.