Joining the Oakwood wireless network 

Connect to OUWiFi-Setup.



If you see a popup window after connecting to OUWiFi-Setup as shown below. Close this window and open Safari. You should then be redirected to the portal page. If not redirected, then try browsing to a site that you haven’t been to in a while, such as



Once redirected to the portal page, click on the Student | Employees button.



Next click on the JoinNow button.




This next step will download the application to help you configure your settings for you. This app should be located in your default downloads folder.








Go to your downloads folder and run the app called secureW2.






When the app runs, it will bring you to a login screen. Type your Username and password.






This will then prompt you for your admin password for your Mac to allow the configuration to continue.





If the authentication is successful, you will automatically be joined to the Oakwood SSID, and you will then have full connectivity to the wireless network.