1.   To connect to the Oakwood wireless on a PC, click on the wifi icon on the bottom right of your taskbar, and choose OUWiFi-Setup SSID.

2.   Once connected to OUWiFi-Setup, a new web page should automatically open and redirect you to the portal page. If not, open a browser and browse to a web page you haven’t been to in a while to avoid opening a previously cached page.
Click on the Student|Employees button.

3.   Next click on the Join Now button

4.   Next the SecureW2 app will be downloaded. Click save

5.   Click Run

6.   Next enter your username and password. This will be the same as your email OU username.

7.   Once your username has been authenticated, click Done and the default Oakwood web page should automatically open.

8.   You can verify your connection by clicking again on the wifi icon on the bottom right of your taskbar.
You should be connected to Oakwood.