A computer network like Oakwood University’s is a powerful tool, for both recreational and non-recreational applications. For the purposes of this document, all recreational uses of the network, including but not limited to network strategy games, action games, MUDs, and chat programs, are described as "games".

In general, most games are permitted on the Oakwood University network. Games played on the network must comply with the same rules as all other network applications and must pose no risk of interference with other network operations. They must also comply with all other Oakwood University policies, including ethics policies.

Non-game network traffic has priority at all times. Games that interfere with non-game traffic, even if run within network bandwidth limitations, are prohibited from the Oakwood University network.

Some games are banned from the Oakwood University network because they have already been found to interfere with network operations.

In the event of a conflict between this policy and the policies of individual offices, labs, and computing facilities on campus, the most restrictive takes precedence. For example, if a lab says, "no games", no games are allowed in that lab.