If you get locked out of your Windows computer due to entering an invalid password multiple times, your account will be locked.  If you have already enrolled your security questions, you can unlock your account at the self service password management page from another computer, or wait 30 minutes and try again.  You can also call the IT Help Center at 256-726-7464 and ask them to reset your password to the default.

If you have the password set to the default, you must change it right away at the self service password management page.  The default password will only be good for the login process of getting into your machine, and will then expire.  

    1.   Go to https://selfservice.oakwood.edu/showLogin.cc and click Unlock Account. 

    2.   Enter your Username

          Faculty/Staff     - FirstinitialLastname        - John Doe    - JDoe

          Student            -  Firstname.Lastname     - John Doe    - John.Doe

    3.   Answer the questions presented before you.  Click on Continue once all questions have been answered.  

    4.   Click Unlock Account