Welcome to Oakwood University!

We want to make sure you get all your technology needs squared away so you can focus on your schoolwork and enjoy your time here! Please use the information below to get yourself set up and acquainted with technology at Oakwood.

When You Get to Campus

1) Create your password

Go to Oakwood Universities  Self Service Password Manager to create your E-mail and Computer login password. All new or returning students should have received their username and a temporary password via freshmen orientation.  All users have access to our 24/7 password management site, to change your password should you forget your password or your account gets locked. 

For security purposes, you will be required to change your password every 6 months, so this will certainty come in handy.

2) Setup your password recovery security questions with the Self Service Password Manager 

While you're on self-service password manager creating your password, set your security questions so that you can manage your password on your own time in the future (even when our office is closed). 

3) Familiarize yourself with your Oakwood E-mail account 


Your email is your official means of communication while attending Oakwood University.  Your professors, staff, organizations, and other students will use it to get in touch with you. You can access it on the web, or easily add it to your smartphone or other mobile device by installing the Outlook app. You can also add the full Microsoft Office 365 suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access…) - including the Outlook desktop application - while you are a student at Oakwood University. Here are the directions on how to do so. To log in to your Oakwood email account on the web, Click Here and enter your Oakwood email credentials 

Email:          firstname.lastname@oakwood.edu 

Password:     *****************

4) Familiarize yourself with Abode at https://housing.oakwood.edu/login

Your MyAbode account allows all you to check student fines, housing fees, and additional housing information while attending Oakwood University.  To access your MyAbode account simply go to https://housing.oakwood.edu/login and sign in with your MyOakwood username and password. 

5) Familiarize yourself with MyOakwood 

MyOakwood is Oakwood University’s Online Information Services. You'll access this account to review admission and financial aid application statuses, your class schedule, grades, and unofficial transcripts. You'll also use it to request official transcripts, register for classes, and apply for graduation.   

6) Familiarize yourself with D2L

D2L, also referred to as Desire2Learn, is a learning management system. You'll use it to do things like view class assignments and syllabi, have online class discussions, submit papers, access library databases, and take tests and quizzes.

Connect to the wireless network.

At Oakwood you'll see 2 official Wireless Networks available:  OUWifi-Setup and Oakwood.  To sign onto the Oakwood network you MUST FIRST connect to OUWifi-Setup and follow the on screen prompts. Here is a screenshot example:


You will need your Oakwood University username and password. 

Please click here to find detailed WiFi Connection Instructions. 

Using the computers on campus

Oakwood University provides public computer access across campus.  One of the main locations allowing users computer access would be the Eva B. Dykes Library.  To log on to the computers you will need your Oakwood University username and password. For students this is your Firstname.Lastname